Our Activities


How effective is a network, what is it achieving, and what does it need to do differently to better contribute to policy change? What difference does an annual symposium make: to what degree and in what ways is it contributing to a shift in how its industry does business? To what degree is a comprehensive advocacy, organizational and leadership capacity strengthening model able to help national civil society organizations advocate on behalf of marginalized populations, including women and girls? BLE Solutions is well equipped to answer these sorts of questions and more using a variety of mixed methods approaches.

BLE Solutions values incorporating the voices of those traditionally on the receiving end of assistance and including a range of perspectives in data analysis. Most of all, BLE Solutions seeks to produce actionable information that clients can use to inform strategic decision making.

Applied Research

BLE Solutions uses mixed methods to provide clients with insights into the environments in which they are operating, the supply and demand for the services they are offering, and the effectiveness of their operational modalities, among other topics. This applied research helps clients better design their approaches to more effectively contribute to the results they desire.

Evaluation Capacity Building

BLE Solutions has developed a number of technical resources aimed at helping non-governmental organizations strengthen their monitoring and evaluation capacities. These resources have focused on agency-level measurement, local ownership in evaluation, evaluative thinking, and measuring the effectiveness of working with advocacy champions. Please see the Publications list for details.

M&E Systems Development

BLE Solutions has worked with non-governmental organizations, foundations and coalitions to develop theories of change and monitoring and evaluation systems. These systems have helped clients assess their work at a program or organizational level, and measure progress against strategic plans and long-term visions. These processes have also helped various parts of organizations and coalitions come together and recognize the overall goals to which they are all contributing.