Partner's Full Biography


Ruth Rhoads Allen

Ruth Rhoads Allen’s expertise in international development is at the nexus of good governance and civil society development, ensuring effective cross-sector partnerships in complex humanitarian and conflict-affected contexts. Over 17 years, she has directed technical departments, spearheaded action research for policy advocacy, led evaluations, and designed and provided staff capacity strengthening to large-scale assistance programs in 25 countries across Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Balkans, Caucuses, and Southeast Asia.

At Mercy Corps, Ruth led the Governance and Partnerships Technical Unit and managed numerous agency-wide initiatives, bringing together field and headquarters-based teams on issues such as gender policy, urban programming, and thought leadership strategy. In her consulting work, Ruth is sought for her technical expertise, teaching, facilitation, and adept leadership of strategic planning and other organizational change processes.

Recent clients include Catholic Relief Services (CRS), CARE, Right to Play, Human Rights Education Associates, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the US Fund for UNICEF. Previous experience includes with Conflict Management Group, Habitat for Humanity, The Greenbelt Movement of Kenya, and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.